Goregaon- The new residential hub


Situated on the Western suburbs, Goregaon an important area started out as a primarily middle-class residential neighbourhood but went on to become a wealthy suburb. Though being a slow start, the city expanded unbelievably attracting real estate developers from all around.

Earlier, the property in and around Goregaon was considered as a far-off and sparsely populated residential suburb with lush green Aarey Milk Colony as its only popular landmark. Later on well known catchments like Filmistan and Film City, the two famous studios and many more infrastructures sprang up making Goregaon a noticeable suburb. The city further expanded after the housing boom three decades ago, with development of newer housing development projects. Today, Goregaon has almost hit a tipping point as many reputed builders including Oberoi Realty, Lodha Group and Mantri Realty have their development here.

The fast growing city enjoys a rather advantageous location in terms of accessibility, being bracket on either side of the railway line by the Western Express Highway and the Linking road.  Due to its closeness to Oberoi mall, other retail outlets, schools and major workplace hubs, there has been a good amount of absorption. Along with these it is also a perfect place to live in with the cool climate all the year round due to its inclinedness towards nature.

The unstoppable surge of real estate in Mumbai, a rich blanket of greenery and corporate migration are the perfect reasons for appreciation in values of property in Mumbai. It calls for an immediate action to check out the best real estate deals in Goregaon on Groupmagix.com, amazing properties at exciting deals. Check now! 


Second home - Karjat or Lonavala



The second home phenomenon is fast catching in today’s world. After owning a home in the buzzing metropolis, the search for a cooler and calmer place finally stops at a second home. The concept of second homes has always been around, though lately the concept appears to have gained widespread acceptance. A growing interest from property investors and home buyers in second homes has opened avenues to destinations around Mumbai and Pune, attracting real estate developers to explore these locations.


There are various reasons why second homes are gaining popularity- scenic locales, pollution free zones and picturesque landscapes. At a mere distance of two hours and coupled with the improving infrastructure, newer locations are attracting investment. A rising demand for second homes has given rise to exotic realty projects at scenic locations. Places like Lonavala, Khandala or Karjat in the vicinity of Mumbai and Pune are second home destination for the one who own their first home or a property in Mumbai.


Tucked between the hills is the aesthetically located Karjat, a two-hour destination from Mumbai, which has developed as an ideal vacation home and investment location. Its salubrious climate combined with good local infrastructure has made it the preferred destination for city dwellers. Along with an ideal second home destination it is also a tourist spot because of the scenic beauty of the ghats and equidistant from many tourist locations.


The hill station of Lonavala is also an equally preferred and popular retreat especially for the residents of Mumbai and Pune because of the excellent connectivity to both locations particularly since the launch of Mumbai- Pune expressway which has lead to rapid boom.  Across the country, Lonavala is the only hill station close to a metro, which is its biggest advantage apart from its proximity to Mumbai, good climate and abundant flaura and fauna.  Located between these two urban conglomerations, Lonavala with its invigorating weather offers a green and peaceful getaway- perfect for your second home.


Now fulfill your dream of having a sprawling holiday home at Lonavala or simply invest in a second home at Karjat, and reap the benefits of property appreciation in these beautiful and scenic escape destinations. Ease your search with Groupmagix.com’s ‘Investor Special’services and stay updated on the best real estate deals we would like to offer you.


Navi Mumbai – The New Real Estate Haven!

The space-deprived Mumbai city has been spreading its wings since long, clutching onto every bit of land it can grab onto. Out of all the newly explored land added to its geography, Navi Mumbai is definitely Mumbai’s most prized acquisition.

Navi Mumbai or Vashi, and its peripheral areas offer what is arguably, the widest range of real estate options in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). From options which are more typical of a ‘global city’, to budget homes in peripheral areas, it caters to practically all categories of home seekers and investors looking to invest in property in Mumbai. If you are looking for your dream home, you must visit the properties on offer in Navi Mumbai and the best real estate deals, before you finalize on one.

Navi Mumbai started off as an alternative to Mumbai, but has ended up becoming an integral part of the mega metropolis of Mumbai. It is located bang in the centre of Thane or Kalyan-Dombivli and beyond SoBo/Western suburbs. It links to all expressway and highways out of Mumbai, ‘centre city’ is what it could ideally be called!

With an enviable infrastructure of railways & road linkages coupled with sprawling malls, hotels, hospitals and every conceivable facility, Navi Mumbai has managed to attract real estate developers and property investors on a rising scale. The newer projects are bigger, have better amenities and abundant greenery and recreational facilities to suit up-market needs. This well-planned part of Mumbai, should be on the top of your list while searching for you dream home!


7 tips to decorate your home for Christmas

Christmas is almost here again. It time to start thinking about decorating your home. Christmas without decorations and lights is just not pleasant.

Below is list of tips on how to decorate your home this Christmas

1) Choose a theme for your Christmas decoration: This will simplify your decisions, and you will not be tempted to buy things just because they are sweet and cute.

2) Decorate with Colors That Match Your Décor: Plan Christmas decorations to work with your existing decor, even if that means using unexpected colors like cream and beige. Gold & Silver not only goes with most of the colors but also adds twinkle to your decoration.

3) Lights, Lights & Lights: Nothing says winter holidays like bright lights and no decoration is complete without them.

4) Make use of Empty Wine Bottles: Stick candles in clean, empty wine bottles for a dramatic display of warm, holiday light.

5) Tie it up: Tie a bow with ribbons around your chairs & pillows. Give the entire house a christmasy feel.

6) Jingle Bells: Tie jingle bells to your door handles for a ring of jolly cheer whenever you come home.

7) Use Floating Candles: Decorate your center table by using Floating Candles. Add small, floral shaped floating candles in a variety of colors for a garden bouquet effect or one large flower floating candle surrounded by a few miniature ones in a different, but complimentary, color.  Reflected in the liquid's shimmering surface, the flickers of a candle's flame appear doubly radiant and twice as beautiful.


Property & Real Estate Investor’s Special

Investment in 'Real Estate' remains the most profitable proposition in India, particularly in Mumbai. The returns on a long term, say around 15 years, are almost 15% compounded annually. These kinds of returns are hard to come by from any other asset class.

'Property' is one of the safest avenues of investment, with a reasonable yield. Property in India especially property in Mumbai has consistently out-performed traditional investment options such as bonds. Today, property is the only physical asset that offers stability, simplicity and good returns.

Having understood that Real Estate is both, safe and lucrative as an investment option, one may wonder how to explore different properties and narrow down on those which are most suitable. Budgets, location, size, real estate developer, etc. all aspects need to be considered.

Professional and avid property investors, can join the ‘Investor Special’ group by Groupmagix.com and stay updated about excellent investment opportunities and best property deals from time to time. Be informed about pre-bookings offers, plots, JV offers, commercial properties and more. 

Although these offers are usually recommended for professional real-estate investors, if you have an appetite for risk and are ready for higher gestation periods, this is the right place for you, where you can get group deals on real estate, in Mumbai.

Once you join the club, we will make sure that you never miss out on any good real estate investment opportunity.


Fragrant homes with Groupmagix

Nothing is more welcoming than a warm, sweet smelling home. A delicate whiff of an aroma can uplift someone’s mood. The right kind of scent or fragrance can immediately calms and soothe your mind.

A few natural quick fixes can help you keep your home smelling great & rid off unwanted odor. One of the best things to do is to keep windows open and let in fresh air, and allow ventilation. Replace the chemical floor cleaner with a few drops of lemon grass oil while you mop the floor. This simple trick works like aromatherapy. Another simple thing is, spray your favourite perfume on light bulbs, so whenever you switch on the lamp the fragrance gets dispersed.

Flowers, are the most obvious and ideal way to brighten up your home. Pick a bunch of favourite flowers and place them in your living room. Alternately you can place the flowers near a window for the smell to linger around longer. Small packets of potpourri made out of dried flowers, fruits, mint, cinnamons can also add a medley of fragrances to your home. Scented incense sticks too are commonly used and are fairly inexpensive to fragrant your home.

Sprinkle baking soda on the carpets or upholstery and then vacuum it, to absorb bad odour from the furniture. An open bottle of baking soda can be placed in the refrigerator or shoe-rack to take away the bad odour. Vinegar also works as a odour neutralizer for a smelling kitchen.

While you are doing your part for the rest of the house, do not neglect your toilets. Although it’s not possible to keep an oil lamp burning all the time, you can place a bottle of fragrant natural oil with its lid open to ensure a fragrance in your lavatory.

Enthrall your family and friends with these simple do-it-yourself scenting options. And what better occasion to do this, than at your house warming party, after buying a property in Mumbai with Groupmagix.com. People often try to find a properties in Mumbai in pollution-free areas, away from jam packed roads. At Groupmagix, we will help you find the best property deal. Visit us at www.groupmagix.com


What makes Mumbai the ‘City of Dreams’?

Isn't it ironic that the city which hardly sleeps is still called the ‘city of dreams’? There is often a debate on whether Mumbai is a suitable place to live in; whether it’s a city of dreams or a living nightmare? For now, let’s concentrate only on what makes Mumbai tick.

A case in point, Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. This is enough evidence, that there’s something extremely desirable about this city or rather, the benefits far outweigh the limitations.

Living and working in the nation's financial capital, is a dream for many. The never-say-die spirit of the Mumbaikars and their out-of-the-way efforts to help someone to stand on their feet, makes it a very ‘real’ place to live in. Every Mumbaiite, by definition is hard-working. It is the place to learn about evolution and survival of the fittest. Whether you are driving a luxury SUV on the sea link or eating vada pav on the street, dreams exist within all.

The city's real estate prices may be high, but it’s only because of the huge demand for living and working spaces here. Mumbai’s Real Estate offers the best appreciation values and makes an excellent investment opportunity too.

 People come into the city with the aspiration of becoming a painter, writer, singer, actor, architect, teacher, businessman, sportsperson and this city has the potential to fulfill all these dreams, unlike any other city.

The people of Mumbai, both- the original residents and migrants have created a culture of friendliness and acceptance and the city is open to people of all castes and religions.

Every city has some kind of problems, but the facilities that this city provides are unparalleled. Once anyone gets the taste of the city, it is almost impossible to leave, life seems to come to a standstill away from this ‘city that never sleeps’!


Suburbs of Mumbai & Beyond

Bhandup is a new & upcoming destination for Real Estate investments

The Real Estate in Mumbai seems to be at its peak, both for housing & commercial properties. As a result, more interesting locales in Mumbai are being explored to serve this need. Various age-old locations are emerging as underdogs of the property world in Mumbai.

A recent discovery- Bhandup, is seen as having great potential since new properties have started coming up, at very attractive prices. Also, many of these options are resale properties and projects by smaller builders. See some interesting projects in Bhandup at http://www.groupmagix.com/9-properties-in-bhandup-mumbai.aspx

Another reason for the sudden spurt of real estate development in Bhandup, is the release of industrial land along LBS Marg. Since then big developers are coming up with high-end residential and township projects.

A significant improvement can be seen in the quality of housing projects and amenities in Mulund and Bhandup. The newer projects set up with a view to decongest the station area, offer Best Property Deals as they provide gardens, swimming pools, club houses and ample parking.

Bhandup has seen a great deal of real estate activity in the recent past on account of its strategic location & accessibility through Eastern Express Highway, LBS Marg and also from Bandra-Kurla Complex and Andheri-Kurla. There has been approximately 10 - 15% appreciation in the Property values over the last 18 months.

Good connectivity, improved lifestyle and rapidly changing social and regional infrastructure make Bhandup a well-equipped living destination.


Now Brokerage Charges are Passe

Groupmagix does away with conventional brokerage charges in NEW property deals

Real Estate buying is an arduous and gruesome experience for most. It is not only very costly but also requires a lot of effort and risks are involved too.

In such scenarios, people seek help from brokers to act as an intermediary, who in turn charge an unreasonable percentage of the deal, as their 'brokerage'. This further escalates the financial burden of the buyers.

Groupmagix is a property expert that works on the concept of Group Home Buying, wherein brokerage charges have been rendered redundant, in case of new properties. Groupmagix not only offers their services at ZERO brokerage and NO membership fees, but also guarantees a discount on any and every new property in Mumbai and offers the best real estate deals. They also offer resale properties in Mumbai, at a very reasonable, basic brokerage charge.

With Groupmagix, all you need to do is show interest in a particular property at www.groupmagix.com and the rest will be taken care of. Groups of buyers with similar needs are formed and a deal is negotiated for the lot, thereby giving all the benefits of 'group buying'.

So now you can get new properties, with no additional brokerage charges, agent fees or joining costs. It seems like only Groupmagix understands the high investments involved in buying new real estate, and therefore have done away with any additional charges or hidden costs!


Groupmagix – The smarter way to buy Real Estate in Mumbai!

Buying a Property these days is not only expensive, but also very tedious. With the ever escalating Real Estate prices, buyers are in a dilemma. 'Groupmagix', a group home buying portal has come as a boon for potential property buyers. In addition to 'Group Buying' of real estate, the company also guarantees Discounts on any & every new property in Mumbai.


With 100% genuine and best real estate deals, zero membership fees, no brokerage charges & direct transparent dealings, Groupmagix is setting a new benchmark and facilitating individual buyers to save their money, time & effort through group buying in real estate. In turn they are also helping developers with a quick turn-over of their inventories.


Those who are new to the concept of Group buying in real estate, it is as simple as buying any product in wholesale or bulk, which brings down the individual per unit cost of the product. In a high ticket item like 'Real Estate', it is unlikely that a single user buys more than one property. 


Those who are new to the concept of Group buying, the logic is simple. Buying any product in wholesale or bulk, brings down the individual per unit cost of the product.  However, in a high ticket item like 'Real Estate', it is unlikely that a single user buys more than one property.  


But, group home buying portals like groupmagix.com, make this possible by aggregating Real Estate demands from individual users and forming user groups on their website.  They then negotiate the best real estate deal in the interested properties ,at the lowest possible prices with builders and offer it to the buyers. All a buyer has to do is show interest in any of the hundreds of properties listed on groupmagix.com and rest is taken care by Groupmagix. Group buying in Real Estate benefits both buyers & property developers.


Property buyers can now look forward to considerable savings in real-estate purchase through Groupmagix.com ! 

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