Navi Mumbai – The New Real Estate Haven!

The space-deprived Mumbai city has been spreading its wings since long, clutching onto every bit of land it can grab onto. Out of all the newly explored land added to its geography, Navi Mumbai is definitely Mumbai’s most prized acquisition.

Navi Mumbai or Vashi, and its peripheral areas offer what is arguably, the widest range of real estate options in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). From options which are more typical of a ‘global city’, to budget homes in peripheral areas, it caters to practically all categories of home seekers and investors looking to invest in property in Mumbai. If you are looking for your dream home, you must visit the properties on offer in Navi Mumbai and the best real estate deals, before you finalize on one.

Navi Mumbai started off as an alternative to Mumbai, but has ended up becoming an integral part of the mega metropolis of Mumbai. It is located bang in the centre of Thane or Kalyan-Dombivli and beyond SoBo/Western suburbs. It links to all expressway and highways out of Mumbai, ‘centre city’ is what it could ideally be called!

With an enviable infrastructure of railways & road linkages coupled with sprawling malls, hotels, hospitals and every conceivable facility, Navi Mumbai has managed to attract real estate developers and property investors on a rising scale. The newer projects are bigger, have better amenities and abundant greenery and recreational facilities to suit up-market needs. This well-planned part of Mumbai, should be on the top of your list while searching for you dream home!


Property & Real Estate Investor’s Special

Investment in 'Real Estate' remains the most profitable proposition in India, particularly in Mumbai. The returns on a long term, say around 15 years, are almost 15% compounded annually. These kinds of returns are hard to come by from any other asset class.

'Property' is one of the safest avenues of investment, with a reasonable yield. Property in India especially property in Mumbai has consistently out-performed traditional investment options such as bonds. Today, property is the only physical asset that offers stability, simplicity and good returns.

Having understood that Real Estate is both, safe and lucrative as an investment option, one may wonder how to explore different properties and narrow down on those which are most suitable. Budgets, location, size, real estate developer, etc. all aspects need to be considered.

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